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Using the Power of Video for SEO

Sunday, September 27, 2009
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good bad video 300x254 Using the Power of Video for SEOWhen you perform a search on one of the major search engines, take a look at what you get. You get more than just search results, notice the results now include images and videos. The videos returned in the search results stand out on Google because it includes a thumbnail image with a play button. Web surfers have a tendency to jump the the video link even if it’s not the top search result, simply because video is more engaging. Having your videos indexed in Google can be a great way to get ahead of your competition when it comes to being discovered on the major search engines.

But how do you get those videos in front of people? It’s called utilizing Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO/ vSEO). With the increase of search engines adopting “Universal Search” features and the growth of online video content, it is imperative vSEO becomes a player for those businesses looking to drive significant traffic.

Video SEO at its core is about the discoverability of video content via search engines. As a business, the goal of vSEO is getting video content to the top of search engine rankings within the video search results page AND the standard search results page.

A lot of the same rules that apply to SEO also apply to vSEO; you must have relevant and keyword rich text surrounding the video content and utilize inbound and internal linking.  Take advantage of social media to allow visitors to share, bookmark, rate and comment on your videos, and strong video title and meta tags.

Promotional videos and vlogs (video blogs) are important if your business is going to survive in the future of the Internet. Remember, we retain 7% of what we read, 38% of what we hear and 55% of what we see. That alone should tell you online video must be a part of your marketing package. Businesses that put their message in front of a customer through video marketing will be the businesses thriving in the future.

Using the Power of Video for SEO, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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    Using the Power of Video for SEO…

    How to use video to improve your search rankings and turn your blog into an authority site. Are you using video the smart way?…

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