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Unilyzer – Features Review

Monday, November 15, 2010
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Unilyzer has rolled out new features designed to help social marketing managers optimize performance of social media campaigns.

New features include:

  • 4-PreConfigured Dashboard Templates (includes Big_3 and Social_Stats Dashboards seen below)
  • Listening – Social and Twitter Mentions integration
  • URL Shortener Tracking Report – shows inbound traffic to website from URL shorteners
  • Facebook Fan Page metrics tracking (metrics on dashboard and charting tools)
  • Linked-In Metrics Tracking (metrics on dashboard and reporting tools)
  • Create Custom Dashboard Templates (make new ones on the fly)
  • Dashboard Toggle Switch (toggle through Dashboard templates with 1 click)
  • Email Dashboards or Charts to clients


Simply add your accounts to Unilyzer and let it automatically update your metrics for an at-a-glance understanding of:

  • Which metrics are losing (RED arrows) , or gaining (GREEN arrows) momentum?
  • How social media traffic compares to organic and PPC traffic.
  • How much traffic is coming from social media channels?
  • How many social media channels are delivering traffic to your site?
  • Which social channels you are not leveraging.
  • Are you attracting interested traffic or just ‘clickers’?
  • What worked last week, but isn’t working now?

Social Media success is about much more than getting clicks, it’s about getting the right clicks.  The right clicks generate the right brand awareness, the right traffic, and the right word-of-mouth.  The Unilyzer reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign at a glance.

UniTemplate Big 3 a Unilyzer   Features Review


Make your own dashboards.  Then email them to your client, or publish them to the web – it’s easy now.

Unilyzer’s menu-driven functionality makes it easy to get around.

Dashboard Menu Toolbar Unilyzer   Features Review

CHARTING – Metrics Comparisons

See how key metrics are performing over time.  To-From Date selection available.

SneakPeak Charting1 Unilyzer   Features Review

CHARTING – Compare URL performance

Are you managing multiple websites or fan pages?  Need to see performance on a side-by-side basis?  This is easily done with Unilyzer’s charting tools.

CompareURLMetrics Unilyzer   Features Review

REPORTING – One of many reports – detailed Social Metrics Report

We were surprised to see our Facebook bounce rate was so high, can you give me detail?  Sure, here are the transactions for every visit to your Facebook page as recorded by Google Analytics. Sometimes, data doesn’t correspond to ‘gut’ feel.  But that’s okay, as long as the differences are explained, everything is good.

ReportSocialMediaTraffic1 Unilyzer   Features Review

LISTENING – built-in Twitter and Social Mentions

Okay, so my visits this week are down compared to my 30-day average, what is going on?  Did someone say something about my product or service?  Quickly check Twitter or Social Mentions to see if anyone mentions your brand, or other keyword.

Twitter Mentions1 Unilyzer   Features Review

Social Mentions1 Unilyzer   Features Review

REPORTS – LinkedIn Stats Trending Report

Why would I want to track LinkedIn stats?  Well, ‘reach’ (the number of people you are connected to, and the number of people they are connected to) has a lot to do with how much traffic you can generate when you broadcast messages.  So keeping an eye on your reach stats, next to your LinkedIn traffic stats, gives you an understanding of your effectiveness and potential to drive traffic by using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Report Unilyzer   Features Review


What Facebook Fan Page metrics are tracked?  Unilyzer tracks interaction and user information from Facebook and makes it available in a meaningful way.  Unilyzer not only makes charts and graphs with pretty colors, but it does it in a structured, meaningful, way.  Unilyzer has deep roots in business intelligence and knows how to structure a lot of data from many sources, into a concise structure that helps managers optimize performance.  Here are some of the facebook metrics tracked on the Unilyzer Dashboard.

Facebook Badges Unilyzer   Features Review

To learn more about Unilyzer Dashboard features click here.

To sign up for a Free 7-day Trial click here.