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Unilyzer – Facebook Fanpage Dashboard – Metrics

Unilyzer is now offering this Facebook Analytics Dashboard and Scoring System, Free for 6 months: www.unilyzer.com/signup_facebook.html.FBDashboard212 Unilyzer   Facebook Fanpage Dashboard   Metrics

Unilyzer’s Facebook Fanpage Dashboard currently has a series of some 20 plus metrics and derived metrics available on its dashboard.  These metrics are listed  in the table below:

Metric Non-Technical Description Technical Definition
Fans Total number of fans – on average. Average Number of Fans held during the timeframe.
New Fans The number of new fans added during the period. Number of Fans Added during the timeframe.
Fan Growth The rate at which you are gaining fans. Growth of daily average fans this period vs. daily average fans in the prior period.
Retention The percent of your fan base that you did not lose.  Fans that did not “unFan” your page. The inverse of the percent of fans lost during the period.  Put another way, 1 – churn rate.  Or, 1 – (Sum(Fans Lost)/(AvgFans)).
Reach How many locales your fan base occupies. Geographic  coverage.  
Uptake What percent of fans become active users . Average Users as a percent of Average Fans during the period.
Churn Percent of fans lost.  Fans can remove their like from your page. Total Fans removed during the period as a percent of average fans during the period.
New Likes Unique Page Likes Sum of new likes during the period.
Pageviews The number of pages viewed Sum of pageviews during the period.
UPVs Number of Unique Sum of  unique login views during the period.
Page Likes How many likes your page and content received. Sum of page likes added during the period.
Interactions The amount of interaction your users had with your fan page. The sum of the Video Plays, Audio Plays,  Photo Views, Reviews, Comments, Discussions, and Wall Posts during the period.
Comments Comments on your page Sum of comments
Reviews Reviews on your page Sum of reviews
Discussions Discussions on your page Sum of discussions
Wall Posts Number of Posts put on your wall. Sum of Wall Posts
Video Plays When a video on your page is played. Sum of Video Plays
Audio Plays When audio on your page is played. Sum of Audio Plays
Photo Views When a photo on your page is viewed. Sum of Photo Views
Active Users Users that login Average Daily Users
Female Users Female users logged in Average Daily Female Users
Male Users Male users Logged In Average Daily Male Users

Table 1.  Unilyzer Facebook Fanpage Dashboard Metrics

Other information available on the Unilyzer Facebook Fanpage Dashboard include the following:

  1. Line Chart:  Fans, Users, Unique Pageviews & Pageviews
  2. Number of fans added vs. number of fans lost
  3. Female Demographic Profile
  4. Male Demographic Profile
  5. Top Referral Source: external web properties sending traffic to your fanpage.
  6. Top Geographic Regions: top 5 countries your fans are located in.
  7. Top Cities: ranking of cities with most active fans
  8. Fans Added Source:  where fans Liked your page from e.g. Fan Page, Fan Box, Streamview, etc.

Finally, the Unilyzer provides an evaluation of fan page activity and assigns a performance score that ranges from 0 – 100.   Read more about Unilyzer’s Facebook Fanpage Score.