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Repurpose Your Content

Thursday, September 24, 2009
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recycle Repurpose Your ContentIt can be overwhelming to think about all of the content you have to create to maintain a social media and internet marketing campaign. Coming up and generating original ideas for blog posts, tweets, fan pages, videos, and podcasts can be challenging. However, by compounding your content and using a blog post to inspire a chain of related tweets, posts, and video you can reduce the time and increase the effectiveness of your online marketing.

Here is the formula for getting the most mileage out of your content:

  • Write a blog post with the rule of three. The post contains an introduction paragraph, three supporting examples or arguments, and a conclusion.
  • Turn the blog post into tweets. Take your main point from the introduction paragraph and post it as a question to your twitter followers. Then take the first sentence of each of your supporting examples or arguments and drip tweet them throughout the day. Make sure to link to your original blog post in all your tweets.
  • Turn your blog post in to wall posts. The conclusion of your blog post summarizes the overall point you’re making. Take this nugget of an idea and find a related video, resource, or book on the topic. Post the video or resource on your Facebook wall along with a link to your original blog post.
  • Turn your blog post into a video or podcast. Take the blog post introduction and personalize with your own voice and style. Take the three supporting arguments and find an expert in the opposing or supporting side and interview them. With a podcast format you can call them and record their voice. With video you can be like a journalist and interview a local expert in the topic. Suggest several resources for the audience to get more information and wrap up with your final conclusion. Don’t forget to plug your website and encourage folks to subscribe to your channel.
  • Digg and Ping your blog & videos. After you post to your blog and video site of choice, make sure to recommend yourself on the social bookmarking sites. This introduces your content to folks and generates incoming links. If you’re using a tool like WordPress to write your blogsite make sure you have it set to auto-ping blog indexing sites like Feed Burnner and Technorati.

As you can see, one blog post can be easily repurposed into four different social media channels. This not only saves you time, but keeps your message consistent. If one blog post can generate four different pieces of content you can exponentially increase the reach of your online marketing.

Repurpose Your Content, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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