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Sneak Preview – Tracking Facebook Fan Pages

posted by Emilio Basaldua
Thursday, September 30, 2010
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SneakPeak Charting4 1024x744 Sneak Preview   Tracking Facebook Fan Pages

Tracking Changes in Facebook Fan Page Demographics using Unilyzer

Here is a sneak preview of how Unilyzer is building it’s Facebook Fan Page tracking platform.

The objective is to give the user the ability to gain insight about how their social marketing on Facebook is unfolding.

So the Unilyzer is currently building an array of useful charts, reports, and dashboard metrics that let the user quickly and easily see what changes are happing in all aspects of their campaign.

For the management tier, dashboard presentation gives a quick high-level view key metric trends and changes across the major social media channels that include:  YouTube, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Digg, and Twitter.

Handling data from all those sources take a lot of time and resources which can be better applied towards marketing strategy, customer acquisition, business development, data interpretation and analysis.  So Unilyzer streamlines the data collection and reporting process by automatically gathering data and providing presentation and analysis tools.  In Figure 2, we see an example report showing daily social media traffic activity by website, social network, and day.  The report is easily exportable to excel, PDF, or many other formats.

SneakPeak ReportFBFanpage Sneak Preview   Tracking Facebook Fan Pages

In addition Graphs and Reports, the Unilyzer dashboard uses a metrics panel as seen below.  In this example, the dashboard viewers see that their Facebook Fan Page received 69 pageviews during the last 30 Days and that is an uptrend (as indicated by the green arrow) compared to the previous 30 days.

FB Badge Pageviews Sneak Preview   Tracking Facebook Fan Pages That in a nutshell, is the way that Unilyzer is developing their social media analytics platform to track and present information information about Facebook Fan Pages.

Please feel free to make a suggestion on how we can make the Unilyzer valuable to you.

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