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Build Traffic with Social Bookmarking

Monday, September 21, 2009
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social bookmarking1 300x300 Build Traffic with Social BookmarkingUsing social bookmarking or social media websites is a relatively easy way to get incoming links and traffic to your website. You will get increased traffic from the bookmarking sites directly, plus social bookmarks help search engine spiders connect specific keyword phrases with your website.

It’s best to submit informative, keyword-rich articles that your target audience will be interested in reading. You do not want to submit your sales copy and product promotion information via social bookmarking sites. The goal is to get them on your site to read the article. Each of your articles has your website ‘wrapper’ around it, with your logo, navigation bar, links and information about your products or services. Remember the Internet Marketing Mantra, “Step one: get them on your site; step two: give them a reason to stay.”

Step 1: Write & Post Your Article
The first step is to write your article and post it on your blog or website. Once the page itself is done, it’s ready to be “bookmarked”. This is the simple process of adding links back to your page.

Step 2: Open Accounts with Top Social Bookmarking Sites
There are about 50+ popular social bookmarking sites that you can join to begin bookmarking your own pages. You could take the time to submit to every single one, but I personally only submit to the following sites (best bang for the buck):

Step 3: Submit Your Article Links with Strategy

Link Title: This title should not only include the blog post title or article title, but should also include the main primary keyword phrase that you’re trying to use to get rankings. If you can start with this as your title, you’ll have a better chance of getting ranked for those keywords.

Link Description: Use this description as a strong call to action to get people to your website. You obviously don’t want to deceive people into visiting by promising them something that isn’t there, but make sure that in the description, you give a compelling reason for people to want to read more or find out more information.

Link URL: The url or web address of the page on your website or blog that has the article. Make sure that you’re using the web address of the exact blog post or article instead of just the main domain name of the website.

Link Tags: The tags are a vitally important part of the process because not only will your tag page get ranked for the “low hanging fruit” keywords, but it will also get ranked for the more competitive keyword phrases. Several of these bookmarking sites have a lot of authority in the eyes of the search engines, which means that their tag pages have the ability to rank well, especially when you use the less competitive keywords as your tags.

It’s worth it to take the time to submit your article pages with keyword tags to the social bookmarking sites.  By having numerous keywords targeted and informative article pages indexed and ranked in Google you will begin to dominate the search engines.


Build Traffic with Social Bookmarking, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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