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Anatomy of a Keyword Phrase

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
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Picture 3 small 300x194 Anatomy of a Keyword PhraseKeywords are the foundation to any successful Internet marketing campaign or strategy. Simply put, keyword phrases are the combination of words that people type into Google to find your website. A good place to start brainstorming your website keyword phrases is to ask yourself, “what would my ideal customer type into the Google search box to find me?”

Google’s Keyword Tool is where I start to research keyword phrases. Begin by typing a broad keyword phrase. For example, if I had a website selling wedding invitations, I would begin by typing in the keyword phrase ‘Wedding Invitations’ and click the ‘Get Keyword Ideas Button’.

Google returns data about that specific keyword phrase and various combination’s of the phrase. Next to the keyword phrases is the number of times the phrases were entered into the Google search box. In our example, ‘Wedding Invitations’ was searched 1.2 million times in the month of September. As you scan down the list you will see other phrases like ‘Wedding Invitation Wording’ searched 135,000 times last month.

google keywords Anatomy of a Keyword Phrase

If you think about it, this tool is also telling you online demand for a product. 1.2 million people were searching for wedding invitations online. Those people searching for wedding invitations are looking to research, shop, and price compare. Those are potential customers!

However, the most powerful and effective keyword phrases to position your website around are the less competitive 3-5 word keyword phrases. These phrases will produce more targeted traffic on your website. Think about it. Which is better, a customer looking for ‘Wedding Invitations’ or ‘Starfish Wedding Invitations’? The bride specifically searching for ‘starfish invitations’ knows what she wants, versus the bride entering in ‘wedding invitations’ is just starting her research and is more likely to be window shopping (not ready to buy).

In brainstorming keyword phrases try all the combination’s. Experiment with plural and singular spellings. Common slang terms and acronyms for your industry are a good starting point. Ideally you will end up with a list of one hundred or more keyword phrases. This is the list that you should begin to strategize your website and blog content around. These are the keyword phrases you should begin to include in your article writing. Read my post on article marketing for more information.

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    Anatomy of a Keyword Phrase…

    Keywords are the foundation to any successful Internet marketing campaign or strategy. This article talks about how to find the perfect combination of keyword phrases for your website using the FREE Google keyword tool….

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